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Barlova Science Night: Estonia's first lunar rover

Science nights begin again. April 12 is the International Cosmonautics Day, so the topic this time is particularly cosmic. We will talk about Estonia's first lunar rover. Our guests are Mihkel Pajusalu, Associate Professor of Space Technology at the Tartu Observatory, and Space Technology engineer Karin Kruuse.
The Science Night will take place on April 12 at 7 PM at Barlova (Tähe 29, Tartu).
"Estonia's first lunar rover - a guide to navigating the Moon"
The Artemis space programme, which focuses on lunar exploration, is rapidly boosting the development of space technology. Researchers and students at Tartu Observatory have started developing Estonia's first lunar rover, with the aim of helping Estonian technology to the Moon, hopefully by the end of this decade. The first conceptual model of the cube satellite-inspired KuupKulgur is being developed and will be demonstrated in Barlova. We'll talk about what makes the KuupKulgur special among its kind and what steps it needs to go through to actually reach the Moon. For testing the technology developed for the lunar rover, Space Mission Simulation Centre at the Tartu Observatory was opened last year and the first version of the ULYSSES computer simulation environment has been launched. Next stop – the Moon!
Tartu Obseravatory's band will play at the event.
Science Nights are discussion nights organized by the UT Tartu Observatory. They form a series of events where live music, a pleasant company and science meet. Science Nights are held on the second Monday of each month.
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