Barlova teadusõhtu - Tartu Ülikool

Barlova Science Night "Is the sweet life fun?"

Tartu observatoorum - Tartu Ülikool

Apply for Tartu Observatory student scholarships until 13 October

Tiksu teadlaste ööl

Researchers' Night events at the University of Tartu

Kaugseire kursus - Tartu observatoorium - Tartu Ülikool

Practical remote sensing online course using Copernicus satellite data opens on 20 September

Tõravere space research centre

Tartu Observatory is a prominent space centre in Estonia, with the primary goal of research and development. We are a reliable partner in international networks. We train young scientists and extend the natural-scientific worldview. The aim is to promote the science of astronomy, remote sensing, and space technology.

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Visitor Centre

Tartu Observatory organises tours, active learning, and workshops for a wider audience. Please book an appointment and learn about space science, its latest achievements, and the scientific profession.

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Remote sensing

Space technology


Astrophysical observatory instruments in Tõravere include a 1.5 m and 0.6 mirror telescope and a 0.3 m automatic robotic telescope.

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