Tartu Observatory Visitor Centre

Every year, more than 5,000 students and more than 1,000 adults attend us in Tõravere. Here we introduce the latest achievements in space science and technology and the profession of a scientist. You can visit Tartu Observatory by prior arrangement. We also conduct training all over Estonia.

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  • Active learning programs
  • Advanced training for teachers and specialists
  • International competitions of the European Space Agency
  • Calendar calculations for calendar makers
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Learn through space!

We, you and all other inhabitants of the world - not only humans but also animals and birds - live on a wonderful spaceship called Earth.

Ene Ergma

Space is usually considered to be inaccessible and distant. Yet our home planet Earth and everything on it is part of the same system. Our goal is to introduce all students and teachers to our home - space!

We invite schoolchildren of all ages to participate in exciting international competitions, where they compete in building a can satellite, designing a moon camp, training like an astronaut, etc.

You can find inspiration from space in every subject! We have a separate program for elementary and high school teachers.


International competitions

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United by space!

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