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Active learning programmes

Tartu Observatory offers 5-hour long active learning programmes supporting the school's science curriculum for primary and secondary schools to get to know the field of remote sensing, space technology, satellites and astronomy.

  • The cost of the program is 385 EUR (regardless of the number of students).
  • The maximum number of participants in the program is 35 students
  • Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM 

The study program is completed within one school day in Tõravere, where the employees of the Tartu Observatory work with the students. The aim is to raise the student's awareness of the subject and to develop the skills of group work, presentation and working in an unfamiliar environment.

The group is divided into five groups, each exploring one subtopic in depth. You have to solve the given tasks and present the most important facts about your field to others. A self-drawn poster supports the presentation. You have to use a lot of creative thinking and look for answers in different sources, for example, posters or the computer.

The tasks are integration between subjects, i.e., writing a thematic poem, filling in a world map of natural disasters, and supplementing the history table with the history of Estonia and the world. After the presentations, you have to solve a multiple-choice quiz.

A pleasant and interesting manual activity is done at the end of the day. Students can make a spectrometer and use it to study different light sources and surfaces. They can also choose to build a paper rocket and hold a flying competition. As part of the satellite program, students can assemble an electrical circuit transmitting Morse messages.

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