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Remote sensing is a branch of science and a method in which processes on Earth are monitored using satellites or drones. Together with space technology, the field has developed rapidly and become an important scientific development and entrepreneurship field. Tartu Observatory has working groups for remote sensing of vegetation, atmosphere and water.

Remote sensing of vegetation

Remote sensing of the atmosphere

Water remote sensing


Tartu Observatory researchers publish numerous publications every year, a list of which can be found in Estonian Research Information System (ETIS).

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Remote sensing in Estonia article collections

Remote sensing in Estonia article collections give a compact overview of main topics in the field of remote sensing in the momentum in Estonia in Estonian language.

Article collections

Estonian remote sensing homepage

The page contains information in Estonian about remote sensing and its applications.

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Jan Pisek

Associate Professor Jan Pisek makes 3D models of conifer needles to explore their climate effects

False colour photo

Tartu Observatory helps Ukraine to develop monitoring systems for forests and water-bodies


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