Space technology

The space technology department deals with designing, constructing and testing various innovative devices, that will be used both in space and on Earth.

About 60 people work in the space technology department: project managers, scientists, mechanical and electronics engineers, PR people and programmers.

The main task of the department of space technology is the ever-increasing expansion of human activity into space.

Employees of the department


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For students

Students have the opportunity to attend courses in space technology at the University of Tartu, do their internship, or find a thesis topic and supervisor in this department.

Courses in space technology

The aim of the courses held in the Department of Space Technology is to train specialists in the field and increase the capacity of Estonian industry and science in the field of space technology.

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Thesis in space technology

Space engineering thesis topics range from mission design to experimental astrobiology. The thesis can also be software or hardware development. Such theses often develop from student internships. Get in touch and find out about internship opportunities and theses topics or propose your own.

Thesis topics

Space bunker

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Services in Tartu Observatory
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