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The stars are the main building blocks of the visible universe. The stars act as thermonuclear reactors in which all chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium are synthesized.

The astronomers of the Tartu Observatory study different types of stars, both observationally and theoretically.




    The main research directions

    • variability and evolution of massive stars,
    • exoplanet host stars and planet-star interaction,
    • stellar envelopes, discs and other ejecta,
    • symbiotic and similar binary stars,
    • model atmospheres and synthetic spectra of hot stars


    Jaan Einasto ja temanimeline superparv - Tartu observatoorium - Tartu Ülikool

    Einasto Supercluster: the new heavyweight contender in the universe

    Jaan Einasto - Tartu observatoorium - Tartu Ülikool

    At the Barlova Science Night, Jaan Einasto will talk about his journey of becoming a scientist

    Universumi tihedusväli - Tartu Ülikool

    Lopsided galaxies shed light on the speed of dark matter