Stellar physics projects

On this page you can read about some of the projects of the Department of Stellar Physics.

Stellar physics page

All Tartu Observatory projects

Physics of massive stars

Horizon 2020 project POEMS (Physics of extreme massive stars) investigates a variety of physical aspects that boost understanding of specific extreme phases in the evolution of massive stars.

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Characterisation of exoplanet host stars

The characterisation of the stars that host planets or planet-forming discs is crucial to the detection and in-depth study of extrasolar planets, and understanding of the planet formation processes. The EXOHOST Twinning project will strengthen Tartu Observatory expertise in modern research and management practices, stellar spectroscopic methods and tools, exoplanets, and planet formation.

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Ariel space mission

Ariel is a space telescope that will be launched into space in 2029 to study exoplanets and their properties.

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