Laboratory services

The laboratory complex of Tartu Observatory in Tõravere, Estonia offers environmental testing of devices and optical measurements. The laboratories include special electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe areas, a cleanroom (Class 8, ISO 14644-1) and an anechoic environment. All laboratories include automatic control for ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

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Environmental testing

Optical calibration and charecterisation

Testing Centre of the University of Tartu

Tartu Observatory's laboratories are part of the Testing Centre of the University of Tartu. The quality management system of the Testing Centre fulfils the requirements of the ISO 17025:2017 standard. The Testing Centre was first accepted as an accredited testing laboratory in 2003 and as a calibration laboratory in 2008 by the Estonian Accreditation Centre.

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The Adapter network

Tartu Observatory's laboratories are part of the Adapter network. Adapter is a network of Estonian universities, and research and development organisations, providing a quick and reliable link to the research and development community for companies and organisations.

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Galaktikaparvede ja gruppide taevajaotus kosmilises võrgustikus - Tartu observatoorium - Tartu Ülikool.

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