Estonian space centre in Tõravere

Tartu Observatory is an Estonian space centre whose main task is research and development. We train young scientists in astronomy, remote sensing, and space technology, and we are a recognised partner in international networks.

Tartu Observatory has accredited test laboratories where companies can test their equipment in different environmental conditions. It is possible to calibrate and characterise optical devices in our laboratories.

The observatory´s visitor centre introduces the latest achievements in space science and technology and the scientific profession to all those interested. We offer active learning programmes for school children, where students can solve tasks, give presentations and participate in practical work.

Come and discover the exciting world of space in Tõravere!




Visitor Centre

From Struve to Einasto and beyond

Tartu Observatory´s history goes back to the 19th century when the Tartu Old Observatory (Tartu Tähetorn) was built. There, astronomer F. G. W. Struve created the meridian arc to determine the shape and size of the globe, this geodetic arc is listed under UNESCO World Heritage. In the mid 20th century, most of the observatory's research work moved to the brand-new Tõravere observatory, where scientists led by Einasto discovered the honeycomb-like structure of the universe.

Council of Tartu Observatory

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