Courses in English

LTTO.00.001 Universe Now! (3 ECTS)

LTTO.00.002 Environmental Remote Sensing I (3 ECTS)

LTTO.00.003 Seminar on Space and Military Technology (6 ECTS)

LTTO.00.004 Space Technology Project (12 ECTS)

LTTO.00.005 Space Systems (6 ECTS)

LTTO.00.008 Applied Remote Sensing (4 ECTS)

LTTO.00.009 Remote Sensing of Environment II (3 ECTS)

LTTO.00.010 Intensive Course on Radar Remote Sensing in Cooperation with ESA (1 ECTS)

LTTO.00.011 Introduction to Space Technology (3 ECTS)

LTTO.00.016 High-energy Astrophysics (3 ECTS)

LTTO.00.020 Project and Quality Management (3 ECTS)


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Training Camp 2023: The Art of Giving a Popular Science Talk

12th Training Camp "How to Give a Popular Sciecne Talk" to PhD students in natural sciences will take place on May 19-20 (Fri - Sat).

Application call for Tartu Observatory student scholarships