Astrophysical observatory instruments in Tõravere include

1.5 m mirror telescope AZT-12 with a long-slit spectograph in the Cassegrain focus, providing spectral resolution of R~ 100 to 12000;

Suur teleskoop - Tõravere - Tartu Ülikool

0.6 m mirror telescope Zeiss-600 for photometric observations with a CCD photometer equipped with Johnson-Cousins UBVRI filters;

Peegelteleskoop Zeiss 600


0.3 m automatic robotic telescope Planewave CDK 12.5 with a CCD photometer equipped with Johnson-Cousins BVRI, narrow-band Ha, and Luminance filters.


Robotteleskoop Planewave CDK 12,5 koos CCD-fotomeetriga

EXOHOST Seminar: Prof. Sara Seager "Planetary Atmospheres and the Search for Signs of Life Beyond Earth"

Join us for a captivating EXOHOST seminar featuring Professor Sara Seager, a leading authority on exoplanets and our very own EXOHOST advisory board member!
Tartu observatooriumi teaduskonverents - Tartu Ülikool

On 27 March, Tartu Observatory will hold a scientific conference

4-year PhD position in space research and technology: Retrieval of leaf angle distribution information from multi-angle remote sensing data

This doctoral thesis will devise, test, and implement a novel methodology exploiting multi-angle sensors to retrieve leaf angle distribution (LAD).