Astrophysical observatory instruments in Tõravere include

1.5 m mirror telescope AZT-12 with a long-slit spectograph in the Cassegrain focus, providing spectral resolution of R~ 100 to 12000;

Suur teleskoop - Tõravere - Tartu Ülikool

0.6 m mirror telescope Zeiss-600 for photometric observations with a CCD photometer equipped with Johnson-Cousins UBVRI filters;

Peegelteleskoop Zeiss 600


0.3 m automatic robotic telescope Planewave CDK 12.5 with a CCD photometer equipped with Johnson-Cousins BVRI, narrow-band Ha, and Luminance filters.


Robotteleskoop Planewave CDK 12,5 koos CCD-fotomeetriga

Astronomy seminar

Current shortcomings in our understanding of dark matter distribution in our Galaxy and ongoing strategies for using the Milky Way to investigate the particle physics model for DM are discussed.
Suur teleskoop Kalju Annuk

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Astronomy seminar

The cosmic web is vital for studying dark matter and the cosmological model and understanding galaxy evolution. However, detecting the cosmic web from observations is a complex task.