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Barlova Science Night: Can evolutionary theory be applied to human thought and behaviour?

The Barlova Science Night on 12 June 2024 will feature Edit Talpsepp, a researcher in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Tartu, and cosmic music performed by the Tartu Observatory house band.

In the last science evening of the season, we will discuss whether and to what extent evolutionary theory can be applied to human thought and behaviour, and to the development of culture and morality. Among other things, we will give an overview of some of the disciplines that have been involved in such application experiments, such as sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, as well as methodology, which applies evolutionary models to the development of culture. However, what are the methodological, ideological and conceptual bottlenecks of such projects, which may reduce their scientific credibility?

The science evening series is organized by Tartu Observatory of the University of Tartu. These evenings combine the fresh science news and music with a pleasant company and atmosphere. Science evenings take place once a month.

Admission to the science evening is free! 

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