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Barlova Science Night: you are what you eat!

The guests of our next scince night are archaeochemist Ester Oras and archaeologist Mari Tõrv. The science night will take place on 8 May at 19:00 in Jakobi Jalats, that is next door to Barlova (Tähe 29, Tartu).

Associate professors of University of Tartu Ester Oras and Mari Tõrv are doing studies on ancient dietary and health reconstructions, as well as the environment and the origin of objects and people. Archaeochemistry is a field that combines archaeology with analytical chemistry and aims to bridge humanities and natural sciences.

How can archaeological material be used to find out what humans have eaten? What do ancient teeth, hair or pottery tell us about the diet that time?

Were the inhabitants of the settlement of Pulli on a paleodiet? When did Estonians start to drink milk? When did Estonians start eating black bread? Did the farmers also go fishing? We will be looking for answers to these and many other delicious questions at the next science night. It might even happen that we can taste something delicious!

Tartu Obseravatory's band will play at the event.

Science nights are discussion nights organized by the UT Tartu Observatory. They form a series of events where live music, a pleasant company and science meet. Science nights are held on the second Monday of each month.

The event may be photographed.
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