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In Tõravere, Veljo Runnel's photo exhibition "Estonian Biodiversity: Insects" will be opened

You are all kindly invited to the opening of nature photographer Veljo Runnel's exhibition "Estonian Biodiversity: Insects" on 2 February 2024 at 13:40 in the 1st floor gallery of Tartu Observatory. The exhibition will give a small overview of the different insect species living in Estonia.

 Insects are one of the most numerous animal groups on our planet. They can be found on land, in the water, in trees or in the soil, in summer and in winter. There are said to be more than twenty thousand species of insects in Estonia, but many species still need to be sought and identified. According to Veljo Runnel, taking pictures of insects in Estonian nature is a worthwhile activity – a way to practice noticing nature and to contribute to the research of Estonian insects. Runnel has been interested in insects since he was a child, and when he developed an interest in photography, he soon started taking pictures of insects. This exhibition features a selection of some of the insect species that have invited the author to observe and record them. 

The exhibition will remain open until 9 June 2024. 

 The exhibition is part of the activities that will conclude on 8 June 2024 with the Nature Observation Marathon in Tõravere.

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