Viljo Allik

Public sky observation evening "Tähtede õhtu Tõraveres"

The public observation evenings are back!

At the first meeting, you will hear a short lecture "From the Big Bang to the present day": astronomy professor Elmo Tempel will tell you what has happened in the Universe for the last 13.8 billion years. Afterwards, you can explore the exhibits in the Stellarium.

Dress warmly, because if the weather is right you can look at the stars with a telescope!

This is an all family event. We are welcoming all cosmology enthusiasts at 20:00 at Stellaarium (Torni 6, Tõravere). Participation is free..

The next star night will take place on 25 November. Researcher Taavi Tuvikene will give a mini-lecture.


Tartu observatoorium Tõraveres

The big telescope tower at Tartu Observatory is open for visitors during the summer

Barlova teadusõhtu

Barlova Science Night: Can evolutionary theory be applied to human thought and behaviour?

Dark Matter and Cosmic Web Story

Jaan Einasto presents the second edition of his book "Dark Matter and Cosmic Web Story"