Viljo Allik

Starry Night: Moon special

On the evening of 28 April, we will be talking about the Moon. If the weather is clear, you will be able to observe the Moon and Venus, so dress warmly. We invite all space enthusiasts to join us at 20 o´clock in Stellaarium (Torni 6, Tõravere). Please bring 1 euro to participate.

Astronomer Laurits Leedjärv will give a short lecture about our nearest neighbor, the Moon, which everyone can observe with their own eyes. The Moon is the only celestial body where humans have set foot. One might think that we know it well, but it still holds surprises. Perhaps the Moon has played a part in allowing us humans to exist on Earth.

In the Space Bunker, researchers from the Space Technology Department will introduce various Moon missions.

You can explore the Stellaarium and enjoy a cup of tea. The nearby weather station will also be open.

Please note that the event may be photographed.

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