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Register until 20 September for stellar spectroscopy workshop

We are excited to announce the upcoming Stellar spectroscopy workshop hosted by Tartu Observatory under the EXOHOST project.

27–28 September 
Tartu, Tõravere + Zoom
Registration Deadline:
Wednesday, 20 September for on-site participants / Monday, 25 September for online participants.

The participants will obtain practical information on methods and codes that can be directly applied for the analysis of stellar spectra. A significant amount of time will be devoted to hands-on sessions for learning the basic usage of some of the available tools.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is best suited for students at the master's level and above, as well as experienced researchers. We consider that everybody will have a basic understanding of the underlying physics (e.g. radiative transfer, limb darkening, LTE vs NLTE) and be familiar with most of the basic terminology and their meaning (e.g. stellar atmospheric parameters, normalisation). The participants will receive a document with some definitions and references.


To secure your spot at the workshop, please fill out this form. For more information visit EXOHOST website. On the website, you will find the detailed program and registration instructions.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact

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