Marja-Liisa Plats

Space career day "Karjääriredel viib kosmosesse"

500 students from all over Estonia are cathering for an inspiring space career day at the Tartu Observatory!

When: Friday, 8 September

Where: Tartu Observatory, Tõravere

What's Happening: We're hosting a special day to show students from grades 9 to 12 that science and space are exciting and accessible. You'll get to meet successful Estonian entrepreneurs and experts who will share their knowledge and experiences.

Workshops Galore: There are over 50 workshops, and you can attend two of them during the day. You can try activities like solving puzzles in a cyber escape room, measuring the density of meteorites, exploring practical electronics, or even doing fieldwork by Tõravere pond.

Hands-On Learning: All our workshops are hands-on, so you'll get to try things out for yourself. The groups are small, with a maximum of ten students, so you'll have a personalized experience.

Space and More: We'll also have workshops about autonomous driving, determining distances between faraway objects, and understanding blockchain technology.

How to Join: This event is for pre-registered students only. Visit ESERO Estonia website for the schedule and more information.

Come discover the exciting world of science and technology with us!

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Young Space Researchers will cather in Tõravere for Science Task Force