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At the "Starry Night" in Tõravere, Peeter Tenjes will reveal the secrets of the Milky Way

Come on 16 February at 19 o'clock to Tõravere to explore the stars together with scientists! This time, Peeter Tenjes will introduce the Milky Way, which is a galaxy so familiar to us, yet so rare in the Universe. Tenjes will talk about the exciting discoveries made about our home galaxy in recent years.

While cosmic processes are typically described in scientific research through complex formulas, "Starry Night" aims to explain space to the audience in the simplest terms possible and with plenty of examples.

The presentation will take place in the main building starting at 19. The hall can accommodate the first 100 people, next guests can visit on the same time the Stellaarium and the Space Bunker until the next presentation begins. The presentation will last approximately 30-40 minutes.

You can chat with astronomers and space engineers in Stellaarium, Space Mission Simulation Centre (Space Bunker), and the tall telescope tower. We also have a children's corner.

If the weather is clear, we can also observe the sky through the telescope.

A single ticket costs €2, and a family ticket costs €5.

Please note that the event may be photographed.

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