Viljo Allik

Free remote sensing online course starts again

Tartu Observatory invites students and all other interested parties to participate in the MOOC course of the University of Tartu, where remote sensing tools are used to solve case studies. No extra prerequisites are needed to take the course, but it is important to complete all parts of the course in a given order.

The total amount of the course is 26 academic hours, consisting of an introductory module and four case studies. Case studies include very practical questions, e.g. how to identify chlorophyll levels in different water bodies, how to measure changes in an agricultural area, etc. It is possible to complete the course at your own pace, preferably one module per week. The total volume of the course is 26 academic hours and it is possible to get 1 ECTS. A (digital) certificate is issued to those who have passed the MOOC.

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2021/2022. akadeemilise aasta avamine. Foto: Andres Tennus

New academic year of the University of Tartu starts with a student demonstration


Master degree graduation ceremony 2022


Charles Villmann scholarship statute

The scholarship is appointed to space technology or related area student for his/her achievements while studying.