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Last opportunity to respond to the University of Tartu's mobility survey

The university will use the survey to find out what kind of mobility Estonia's largest university brings about and what attitudes staff and students hold towards sustainable mobility. A part of the larger mobility survey is the questionnaire, which is open to all UT employees and students until 19 November.

The University of Tartu has about 4,000 employees and more than 14,000 students from across Estonia – a significant number of people who regularly choose how to move between the university’s buildings: whether to walk, use the bicycle or public transport or prefer a car, or how to get to the university from their home town to study or work.

According to Vice Rector for Development Tõnu Esko, the university is committed to promoting sustainable thinking at and in society. “The survey results will provide a basis for formulating mobility-related environmental principles and preparing a mobility plan at the university. This is why it is essential that all staff and students of the university respond to the questionnaire,” said Esko.

The survey consists of a questionnaire for the entire university family, an analysis of secondary data on mobility, and discussions with employees of the university’s units. Also, remote working, business travel, university-owned car parks, mobility needs identified by timetables, and bike-share bicycles in cycle parks near university buildings are dealt with more broadly in the mobility survey.

“The survey results will give us an overview of the mobility needs related to studying and working at the university both in Estonia and across borders, and a data-driven basis for organising mobility and encouraging sustainable mobility decisions among the university community,” said the responsible organiser of the survey Age Poom, Associate Professor in Urban Environment.

All students and staff affiliated with the University of Tartu can respond to the questionnaire until 16 November.

The mobility survey is organised, and the collected data are processed by the University of Tartu Mobility Lab in cooperation with the University of Tartu Research Group of Physical Activity for Health. The survey has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Tartu.

Read more about the mobility survey on university webpage.

Respond to the questionnaire


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