Ernst Julius Öpik scholarship statute


  1. The scholarship is awarded to an astronomy student for his/her achievements while studying.
  2. The scholarship is awarded based on academic performance and participation in research.
  3. Tartu Observatory informs the public about the possibility of applying for the E. J. Öpik scholarship on the webpage of Tartu Observatory.
  4. To apply for the scholarship the application, reference letter, as well as documents confirming the applicant’s academic performance and research work, must be submitted to Tartu Observatory by the announced deadline via e-mail to
  5. The Council of Tartu Observatory forms the Scholarship Commission, involving, if necessary, experts in the field.
  6. The Commission shall submit to the Council a reasoned opinion on the candidate and propose the candidate’s suitability for scholarship.
  7. The Council may ask applicants to give a short presentation on his/her activities and works at the meeting of Council of Tartu Observatory in October. The recipient of the scholarship is determined at the same meeting.
  8. The scholarship is paid in one sum from the budget of Tartu Observatory and its value is determined every year by the Council.
  9. Tartu Observatory informs the public as to who the recipient of the scholarship is on its website and issues a diploma certifying the receipt of scholarship at the October Council meeting.