Astronoomia seminar

Modeling the cosmic web with the Bisous method

Moorits Mihkel Muru

The cosmic web is vital for studying dark matter and the cosmological model and understanding galaxy evolution. However, detecting the cosmic web from observations is a complex task. The Bisous model is a filament finder specifically developed to work efficiently with observational data. I will show that, even though the model is stochastic, the results are practically converged and robust. I will also present an analysis of the dependence between the galaxy number density of the input data and the completeness of the extracted cosmic web. To boost the galaxy number density, one could use photometric redshift data that are much more numerous than spectroscopic redshifts but also have larger distance uncertainty. I present a proof of concept that the Bisous can work with photometric redshifts, and that mixed data of photometric and spectroscopic redshifts give the best results.

Seminar toimub Tartu observatooriumis Tõraveres ja on jälgitav Zoomis.

Kõik 2023/24 seminarid.