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Dark Matter Week: open lecture about dark matter by Peeter Tenjes

The presentation is dedicated to Dark Matter Day, celebrated worldwide on 31 October and around it. Tenjes tells when and why astronomers needed to introduce the concept of dark matter and what are the limits of our knowledge today. Finally, he reflects on what scientists hope to learn about dark matter in the coming decade.

Lecture takes place in the Old Observatory of the University of Tartu (Uppsala 8).

Beginning at 18.15
Lecture is in Estonian and it is for free.
You can watch the lecture later on UTTV channel.

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hooldusR metsakaardi hooldusraiete rakndus_Tartu observatoorium_Tartu Ulikool

A map in the app "hooldusR" indicates the necessity of pre-commercial thinning in young forests

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Public sky observation evening "Tähtede õhtu Tõraveres"

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Kaart ja kompass

This autumn’s orienteering month introduces places related to the Faculty of Science and Technology